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69 Autumn Activities To Do This Season

69 Autumn Activities To Do This Season

By Lela S. <3<3<3<3<3

It’s autumn. And I know I’ve said this before in our summer bucket list, but the pandemic is really coming to its end, with the vaccines that are coming out for kids ages five to eleven. So, what are you waiting for? Here are sixty-nine fun autumn activities to complete this season (for no actual muffin reason)!

  1. Try some apple cider

  2. Go to a corn or hay maze

  3. Make pumpkin pie

  4. Make your own hot chocolate

  5. Eat something pumpkin themed, like PUMPKIN PIE or have a Pumpkin Spice Latte

  6. Make a Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub

  7. Curl up under a blanket with a book on a rainy day, such as Caught by Margaret Peterson Haddix

  8. Visit a pumpkin patch and get a pumpkin

  9. Walk around the house in thick, cozy socks (you could try knitting them)

  10. Step on crunchy fallen leaves with your dog

  11. Carve a jack-o-lantern

  12. Warm your feet by the fireplace (or heater, if you don’t have one) after playing outside

  13. Wear a fall-colored scarf (try knitting this, it’s easier than the socks)

  14. Make some delicious soup (WITHOUT CORIANDER, PLEASE)

  15. Roast marshmallows over a campfire (...or toaster…)

  16. Spend the whole day baking tasty treats for family and friends

  17. Go to a haunted house

  18. Make a fall wreath

  19. Get a selfie with a scarecrow

  20. Make a list of the people you’re thankful for

  21. Have a fall photo shoot

  22. Tell ghost stories (or you could tell 5-0)

  23. Press leaves in a book

  24. Make bird feeders out of pine cones

  25. Have your face painted, and paint someone else’s face

  26. Go kite flying

  27. Take an early morning walk (maybe around five AM, before school)

  28. Jump in a pile of leaves

  29. Go apple picking

  30. Rake leaves

  31. Set up a picnic at your favorite park

  32. Run a 5k (or an 0.5k if you’re exhausted from swimming like me)

  33. Take a camping trip on a long weekend

  34. Visit a graveyard at night

  35. Go to a corn or hay maze

  36. Go to an outdoor concert (NF all the way)

  37. Watch a movie with that special someone <3

  38. Get a candle that makes your house smell like fall

  39. Create your own Halloween costume (spoiler alert: well it’s not really a spoiler, I guess it was kind of obvious, but I’m dressing up as something Dream-inspired)

  40. Get involved with a club at school, or start your own

  41. Make an epic pillow fort

  42. Go to an AMUSEMENT PARK

  43. Throw a Halloween party

  44. Take your Fitness+ workout outdoors

  45. Take a roadtrip

  46. Start a spooky book club

  47. Explore the city on a bike

  48. Decorate the house with some super cool fall decor

  49. Create an autumn playlist

  50. Change your desktop and phone wallpapers to be “autumn aesthetic”

  51. Add Mod Podge to fallen leaves to preserve them

  52. Roast pumpkin seeds

  53. Make apple butter

  54. Try a Starbucks Pink Drink or some other Starbucks drink, like the Pumpkin Spice Latte (Tay’s favorite is the Cookie Crumble Frappuccino with no caffeine in a grande size cup) (you won’t believe me but I’VE NEVER BEEN TO STARBUCKS, SO NOW IS THE TIME)

  55. Make popcorn from dried corn on the cob

  56. Visit an escape room

  57. Color in seasonal coloring books

  58. Start a bullet journal and make a fall-themed spread

  59. Paint your nails with a dark and spooky polish

  60. Plant fall flowers before it’s too late

  61. Carve a pumpkin

  62. Write an autumn-themed short story

  63. Take and edit some fall-themed/fall aesthetic photos

  64. Start some new healthy habits

  65. Turn over a new leaf (no pun intended) and change your Minecraft or Roblox username (xLelasta coming right up <3)

  66. Try a food that you’ve never tasted before (I tried bubble tea… didn’t work out so well for me but OH WELL, at least I tried)

  67. Have a playdate with a friend you haven’t talked to in a while

  68. Sculpt a fall-themed sculpture out of Model Magic

  69. Go and post a CLN Guest Post

WOOHOO GUYS! WE MADE IT TO 69! Thank you so much for reading. Stay tuned for more funny numbers and more funny articles.


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