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All About Dream - A Biography

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

All About Dream - A Biography - By Felicia

Check Dream’s YouTube channel out here!

If you know me either through CookyLela News or in real life, you probably have heard of this guy called Dream who I’m always talking about. And chances are, if you have heard of him through me, you’re pretty annoyed at me. But please, hear me out. This article is all about who he is and how I came to know about him. Enjoy!

As you might know already from my Bed Wars article (i’m at level 5 now. improvement!), I play Minecraft every weekend with my cousins Nate and Arthur. We sometimes play Bed Wars on Hypixel, like I said, but we also play other games, such as Minecraft Manhunt, speedrunning Minecraft, or building a city in Creative mode. We’re really good at those things, but what really annoyed me was them saying “Remember how Dream did … ? We could do the same thing!” or something like that. I kept up with it for a while, but eventually my curiosity took over me and I searched him up on YouTube. This is what I found:

I was SO CURIOUS. I noticed three things about him: one, he had 17.4 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS. Two, he was a minecraft youtuber (mcyt for short). Three, his videos had, what, 60 million views on each of them? So I decided to click on the first video: Minecraft Speedrunner vs 3 Hunters Grand Finale. And I was glued to the screen from beginning to end of the video. Literally. This was just the best video ever. GeorgeNotFound was so babyish, Sapnap was so mysterious, BadBoyHalo was so wholesome, and Dream was just so… smart but crazy at the same time. I LOVED THEM!!! Dream, George, Sapnap, Bad… they were all so AMAZING! And I just couldn’t get enough. For a period of around a week, I just stumbled around the house researching about the Dream team and watching their videos. Oh, and of course, following/subscribing to them on various social media platforms, including TikTok (yes, they have TIKTOK). I memorized all the facts about him. Believe it or not, the following facts are recited almost entirely from memory. *inhales…*

Dream is my FAVORITE MCYT EVER. He’s usually known as Dream, but he’s also known as DreamWasTaken, DreamNotFound, or DreamTraps. However, his real name is Clay. He is currently 21 years old, and his birthday is June 12, 1999. He has three siblings: an older sister, a younger sister named Drista, and a younger brother. He also has a cat named Patches.

In 2013, he created his YouTube channel, which, as of now, has 17.5 million subscribers. His channel grew very slowly from 2014 to 2019, but then, in 2019, his channel exploded. I feel that this was mainly because of his Minecraft Manhunts with Sapnap, GeorgeNotFound, and BadBoyHalo. Dream, Sapnap, and George were the perfect trio (sorry bad, a6d and skeppy). So they formed the Dream Team.

Dream and Sapnap met when they were around 12 years old. They met on MunchyMC, where Sapnap asked if anyone wanted to be friends, and Dream said yes. I’m pretty sure that Dream and George also met on MunchyMC, and afterwards, Dream introduced the two. This is how they became best friends!

In May 2020, Dream had the genius idea to start his own SMP, or survival multiplayer server. This server not only included George, Sapnap, and Bad, but also Bad, A6D, Skeppy, Tommy, Tubbo, Philza, Fundy, Wilbur, Nihachu, Antfrost, Minx, Quackity, Alyssa, CaptainPuffy, Callahan, Jack Manifold, Eret, Connor, and much more!

This server was just elite. A whole story was going on, from the Dream SMP vs L’Manberg war, to Dream being imprisoned by BadBoyHalo in his own server. Who knows what will happen next?

For a period of time, I didn’t really pay attention to other YouTubers, and I focused on the Four Muffinteers. But one day, the same thing happened again. My gamer guy friends at school were talking nonstop about Technoblade. Something about that name seemed familiar. But why? I decided to search him up.

After a lot of research (I won’t go over the details here, but I will in a separate article) I memorized everything about Technoblade. This Technoblade person was the same age as Dream, and he was part of the Dream SMP. No wonder the name was familiar! Anyway, one more surprising fact about him was that he won a $100,000 duel against Dream, 6-4. I was shocked and surprised. Anyone better than Dream deserves a sub and a few likes, so I skimmed through his Dream SMP livestreams and liked them.

So that’s it! Thanks for reading my article. I’ll be writing biographies about other Minecraft youtubers very soon. Stay tuned for more!

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