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Super Star Songs?

Super Star Songs?

“RoadTrip” By Dream and PmBata

The song “Roadtrip” is a song by the one and only, famous Dream. It also features Pmbata, who is a musical artist. One of my fellow co-workers here at CookyLela News Recommended the song “RoadTrip.” So Let’s have a listen.

It has a very chill and lofi vibe in the song. I also like the guitar intro. My favorite part of the song is the lyrics that go “and now that interstate is paved with memories.” It makes it feel like I’m hanging out with my friends camping at Joshua tree with the long highway there.

I would give this song a 4.8 out of 5.

If you enjoyed my review of this song or just like Dream and his song overall, make sure to like and comment.


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