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42 things to do in the summer of 2021

42 things to do in the summer of 2021

By Lelasta <3

It’s summertime. The end of the pandemic is near. Why not make this the best summer ever by doing all 42 of the things on this list?

  1. Go on a bike ride with family or friends

  2. Build a pillow fort

  3. Learn to do the splits

  4. Roll down a hill with a friend (Lol, let’s do this again!)

  5. Go to the beach and build a sandcastle

  6. Make your own kite and fly it

  7. Jump over the waves

  8. Go to a drive-in movie theater

  9. Grill hot dogs and eat them

  10. Have a water fight with your best friends

  11. Have a board game tournament with friends and family

  12. Listen to an outdoor concert

  13. Go to a waterpark

  14. Learn how to swim/dive

  15. Make a garage sale or a lemonade stand

  16. Bake cookies/treats and sell them

  17. Make your own popsicles

  18. Go camping (I’ve never done this but I want to so bad >_<)

  19. Swim in a lake

  20. Watch a sunset

  21. Catch fireflies

  22. Go on a picnic

  23. Go on a road trip

  24. Go to an amusement park

  25. Eat a funnel cake

  26. Collect seashells at the beach

  27. See a meteor shower

  28. Make smores

  29. Eat corn on the cob

  30. Wish on a shooting star

  31. Lay on the grass and look at the stars

  32. Send a postcard to someone special

  33. Learn photography and take pictures of nature

  34. Ride a roller coaster

  35. Go fishing

  36. Make daisy/dandelion chains

  37. Find a double rainbow

  38. Draw with chalk on the pavement

  39. Try a food that you previously found disgusting

Make oobleck

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