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8 Healthy Back-To-School Habits To Start

8 Healthy Back-To-School Habits To Start

By Lela S.

It’s back-to-school for the majority of the CLN staff! And not just any back-to-school: most of our staff are actually going into, that’s right, THEIR FIRST YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL! Here are 10 healthy back-to-school habits for you to start.

1. Start a good morning and bedtime routine

First, what is a routine? A routine is a set of actions that is performed repeatedly. For example, working on CookyLela News at 5-6 PM each day is a routine. Writing a chapter of my next novel at 6:30 PM every evening is a routine. Even eating fast food while watching Dream manhunts when they come out is a routine!

However, not all of these routines are good. That’s why I put emphasis on the good. A good example of a morning routine would be:

[6:00 AM] Wake up

[6:05 AM] Exercise (preferably with Apple Fitness+)

[6:15 AM] Quick shower (don’t wash hair or use bath bombs)

[6:25 AM] Brush teeth + Wash face

[6:35 AM] Breakfast (try one of these easy breakfasts)

[6:45 AM] Get dressed

[6:55 AM] Skincare/Makeup (one of these styles?)

[7:05 AM] Get bag ready

[7:15 AM] Leave the house

And here’s a good example of a nighttime one:

[7:30 PM] Shower/Bath (wash hair every other day)

[7:45 PM] Meditate

[7:55 PM] Read (try Dark Life by Kat Falls)

[8:35 PM] Plan the next day’s outfit

[8:45 PM] Write in your diary (and/or plan the next day in your bullet journal)

[9:00 PM] Go to sleep

2. Find a fitness routine that works for you

Exercise is important, and even I have to admit that. Yes, the girl who spends 90% of her day at her computer either working on CookyLela News or playing Minecraft, is admitting that exercise is important. So if, out of all people, I say it’s true, you need to believe me.

Still aren’t convinced? The problem may lie in the fact that it might seem like there’s no time for exercise on your schedule. And it may lie in the fact that you don’t enjoy exercising.

And you know what?

I don’t exactly enjoy it either.

Unless if it’s on Apple Fitness Plus. It turns boring workouts into a sensory fitness experience. I’m not here to advertise them, but I am here to say that this is what works for me. It’s a fitness experience that I enjoy, and that actually fits into my schedule. Workout lengths range from 5 minutes to 45 minutes, and depending on how much time I have and how motivated I’m feeling, I choose from a variety of workouts the one that suits my mood.

I strongly encourage everyone who loves/spends a lot of time on technology to try Apple Fitness Plus.

3. Get quality sleep

If I don’t get at least 10 hours of quality sleep every night, I wake up in the morning feeling grouchy, cranky, and unmotivated to get out of bed. Especially with the very appealing notion of school in a few hours. And even with 10 hours of sleep, if it isn’t good sleep, I probably won’t wake up at all.

So here are a few tips to have a stress-free sleep every night:

  • No technology 1-2 hours before bed (it’s hard for me too, believe me)

  • Eat healthy (no midnight snacks!)

  • Make a relaxation routine (meditate, shower, listen to calming music, etc)

  • Focus on breathing (this actually helps)

  • Avoid daytime dozing (it makes sleeping troublesome at night)

  • Don’t lie awake looking at the clock (without glasses, I can’t read the clock sooo)

  • Take a break if you can’t sleep (read a book for 15-20 minutes, then go back)

  • Try counting to 200 if you’re sleepy but can’t sleep (when I try this, I can’t make it past 10)

  • Think of positive things to impact your dreams, so you look forward to dreaming (…)

4. Process your emotions

Sometimes, you need an outlet to process your emotions. In my opinion, journaling is the best option for this. Good or bad, for me, it helps to write it all down.

Or, you could colour! Sometimes, colouring comes more naturally for people. And that’s perfectly fine. Drawing can also serve as an equally efficient outlet for your emotions.

Recently, I’ve started journaling in French, to help practice my writing in my second language. It’s not only a brain workout for me, it’s also a reflective process where I can relax as thoughts flow from the pen to the page.

5. Affirmations

I recently came across affirmations back in June, when I first tried reality shifting (more on that in another article coming soon). Affirmations are positive quotes or messages that can be posted anywhere: on a sticky-note on your bathroom mirror, on your bedroom walls, in the car, on your desk at school… anywhere! Here are some examples of motivational, positive affirmations to inspire you:

  • I am the architect of my life; I build its foundation and choose its contents.

  • No matter how ridiculous the odds may seem, within me resides the power to overcome these challenges and achieve something beautiful.

  • Today, I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy.

  • Be different. Be nice. Just smile. I promise it’ll change your life.

  • My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil.

  • I am superior to negative thoughts and low actions.

  • I am open. I am healing. I am happy.

  • I am proof enough of who I am and what I deserve.

6. Review your goals daily, weekly, and monthly

“Align yourself with a greater vision and get yourself there. Never dream small.

By having a greater vision, it allows you to be working towards a goal. It allows you to create smaller goals to get to your bigger goals and will keep you motivated to move forward.”

~Stephanie Underwood

Goals can be set in a bullet journal, on a to-do sticky note, in your diary, or in the Google Tasks app. Wherever the case, it’s a good habit to review your goals regularly.

7. Eat three healthy meals a day

It’s not about a diet. It’s about providing the nutrients and energy for your body to function properly and effectively. I can’t function properly at school without a big breakfast in the morning, and neither can a lot of my friends, so it’s important to have proper nutrition. Especially if you’re our age (us teenage girls/boys need to eat!)

Here is a list of some of my favorite healthy foods:


8. Keep your space organised

Having an organised desk and room doesn’t sound like it’s a healthy habit, but it is. In my opinion, having a clean, tidy space makes me more productive with less messy distractions, such as A PHONE or A NOTEBOOK. Believe me, writing is my worst distraction (pretend the notebook splat in the middle of my desk isn't there), although you probably know that already from the amount of CLN stuff I write. I didn’t have time to clean my room yet, but I did clean up my desk for high school, which is in the photo above. I also removed my PC and moved it to the basement so I don’t get the urge to write when I’m supposed to be studying.

As well as that, it’s important to keep a tidy desk at school, free from anything that might distract you or get you in trouble (ahem, Rubik’s Cubes). Here’s a tip: bring home anything you don’t need for sure, and leave the stuff you don’t use very often in your locker. You can always go and get it when you need it, while keeping your desk uncluttered.

So there you have it! Those were 8 healthy habits designed for going back to school. Stay tuned if you want more articles like these about productivity (which, spoiler alert, is the theme of the next newspaper)!

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