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All About Swimming

All About Swimming - By Elena

I love swimming. It is my favorite sport! I love that there are so many techniques. Now I am going to write all about my favorite techniques, in order.

Front crawl: I love this one because it is the one that I go the fastest! You swim two strokes and then breathe, But it takes a lot of energy so you get tired very fast.

Back crawl: This technique is my second favorite because it does not take a lot of energy, since you are just basically floating while kicking and spinning your arms, but the arms get tired easily.

Butterfly: This technique is the one that takes the most energy and at the same time it’s weird, lol! You have to almost “roll” your arms forward quickly and repetitively, while smashing your feet against the water (!!!)

Breastroke: this is the technique I hate the most because I go really slow in this one and I have to do some fixing in my technique!

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