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SCP - 3008 Game Review

SCP - 3008 Game Review


3008 is a crazy place, just like stupid idiot cafe. It is basically a HUGE Ikea store where you can build anything with the furniture. But there is a catch. At night, the employees try to kill you. So you basically have to build a furniture fort to keep away from the monsters.

  • If you see food, add it to your inventory so that you can eat up when you get injured.

  • When you see the big concrete column, you can build a ramp all the way up to protect from the monsters.

  • Build your fort with plenty of lights.

  • Make a parkour entry so that monsters can’t just walk right in.

I would rate this game, similar to stupid idiot cafe, a 4.5 out of 5 because it has a great idea, but I think there should be user-friendly controls. I still haven’t figured out how to rotate the furniture. It would be nice if there was a guide.

Also, if there were more furniture variety types like plants and stuff that would be nice.

This is a very good game to play and I would recommend it to basically everyone cuz it’s a more refined version of build to survive.

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Thanks for reading!

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