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Pink Drink Starbucks Review

Pink Drink Starbucks Review - By TAY

So today I went to Starbucks after a long hike. I looked at the menu and I was looking for something new. I found the pink drink (or also known as the strawberry acaí refreshers). I heard about it online and it is very popular. So I decided to get a small for 4.45 but you can get a taller one with more drink in it for 50¢(USD).

When I tasted it, It tasted good, but it didn't have a very strong flavor. It has coconut milk in it. Since I am not a fan of strong flavors, that is a good thing. It also had strawberries in it which tasted good. My overall review is a 8/10.

If you tried it and enjoyed it, tell us down below in the comments section of this page. And if you would like to see more Starbucks or food posts, make sure to follow.


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