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Stupid Idiot Cafe Review

Stupid Idiot Cafe Review

By Tay

Hey guys. I’m back. I am writing about the special game of Stupid Idiot Cafe. This game is a clear representation of the United States - most specifically Ohio.

In the game, you basically do whatever you want. As a customer, you can order and drink beverages, fight the staff, order to talk to the manager, escape the monsters, and attempt to steal the files and become the manager. As an employee, your goal is to serve the customers, keep the customers behind the orange line (if they don’t listen, you have a baton and gun) and prevent them from stealing the files and becoming manager. You can also try to become manager and sell the files to the white van on the other side of the map for in game currency called frujians and you can buy weapons and tools from the black market dealer in the white van.

I would rate this game a 4.5 out of 5 because it has a free flow to it. It gives you freedom to do whatever you want, such as fighting, drinking apple juice, exploring the vast hallways and rooms (kinda like the backrooms but less scary, the only thing you have to fear is employees with guns) and stealing stuff.

The only thing I wish it had would be shift to sprint, more quests and room purposes, easier and clearer ways to get frujians and that the white black-market van wasn’t so far. Other than that, I would say that it is a really good game for everyone, not just stupid people and idiots.

Here is the game link:

Stupid Idiot Cafe (beta) Roblox

Thanks to funny fire ant games for making Stupid Idiot Cafe.

Watch flamingo’s youtube video on it:

Game screenshots:

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