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Paper Mate Flair Review

Paper Mate Flair Review - By Felicia

I’m sorry for being late, but here’s another of my Christmas present reviews. Paper Mate Flair pens are my favorite type of pen by far, and they are perfect for doodling or taking notes! This article will tell you all about why I recommend these pens to anyone who loves art.

First of all, Paper Mate Flair pens are really “smooth and soft to draw lines all over your forehead”, as Skye once said. They don’t run out of ink very easily, and you can use them without getting your hands tired.

Second of all, as you can see on the picture on the right, they don’t smudge at all compared to another pen that I tried out. They also don’t bleed through paper, which makes the pens ideal for note taking and bullet journaling.

Third of all, they come in a variety of beautiful colors that you can use in coloring, drawing, doodling, and much, much more! I love to use these colors in bullet journal spreads. Here’s one:

Here, I used four pens and a pencil: the pink one, the green one, the yellow one, and the blue one. I also just used a regular pencil (don’t worry, my schoolwork is up to date). However, these pens are best for cursive writing.

So that’s it! I hope you liked my article. If you want to take a look at these, you can go here. If you want to see other pens, you can go here or here. And if you want to see how to make an organised bullet journal like mine, go here!

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