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Marker Review: Sharpie S-Notes

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Marker Review: Sharpie S-Notes - By Felicia

As a Christmas present, I received lots of different things, including a 24-pack of Sharpie S-notes. This article will explain to you why I love these markers and why I recommend them.

Usually, when you hear the name “sharpie”, you think of a black, thin, permanent, smelly marker. Good for labeling things, not so good for coloring and drawing. Right?

Wrong. These sharpies are perfect for taking notes in class, highlighting, and just plain drawing like I said before. Here’s the sample I took when I received them:

As you can see here, the Sharpie s-notes come in 24 bright, deep and rich colors. I love how sheer yet bright they are when you highlight words and sentences. They are great for coloring as well. However, when highlighting words written in pen, they can smudge the teeniest bit, making the marker tip darker. Also, the cap color doesn’t really match the colors. I don’t really mind though, because the colors themselves are fabulous.

I used these markers in my Bullet Journal. Check it out here:

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