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Marker Review: Zebra Mildliners

Marker Review: Zebra Mildliners - By Felicia

Another of the Christmas gifts that I got was a 10-pack of double-ended Zebra Mildliners. I love these markers for two main reasons, and this article will explain to you both of them.

Firstly, Zebra Mildliners have, hence the name, mild color. This doesn’t really show on the cap, but it’s very mild, perfect for actually highlighting. Unlike the Sharpie S-Notes that I previously reviewed, these highlighters are not at all good for coloring and doodling. On the other hand, since they have mild coloring, like I said before, these markers are just perfect for highlighting main ideas in books when you write a book review, or things like that.

Secondly, these highlighters are dual-tipped, or they have two ends: one thick and one thin. The thick one, in my opinion, has a bit too much ink, do you get what I mean? You can see there is a bit of leftover ink at the ends of the thick lines, and there are some minuscule dots in between. This issue is there but less prominent in the thin lines. The thick end I use for highlighting just about everything, and the thin end I use for mostly writing letters and drawing lines.

I used these markers in my Bullet Journal. Check it out here:

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