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Debate: Should Homework be Banned?

Debate: Should Homework be Banned?

By Skye

Many months ago, Lela Star put out an article on the debate topic of “Should Homework be Banned?”. She clearly said that homework should not be banned. But what about the other side of the story? I have prepared a counter-argument.

My first contention is that in some schools, homework can take many hours to finish, which may cause sleep deprivation. I heard from a friend that she needed to do homework all the way until 8:00 at night. That is not okay. When you need to work on homework really late at night, you still need to have dinner, take a shower, get ready for bed, etc. And if you need to wake up really early, you won’t get enough sleep. And it all adds up. The student’s sleep level will greatly increase if there is less homework. This will lead to the student feeling much happier and doing better in school.

My second contention is that homework might be very tedious. I remember in second grade that all of the homework was way too easy. And if you are too bored by the homework, you will not have a positive mindset on school, which might cause your grades to go down. If homework is banned, then the students will be so much happier.

My third contention is that there is way too much homework sometimes. The student will not only have a hard time completing it all, they might also choose to cheat on it to do it easier. That would not be a good thing because we don’t want students to cheat on their exams.

My impact on student-well being is greater than Lela’s because the student’s well-being will be greater.

We have proven that the students will get more sleep when we said that if a student is doing homework until 8:00 they will not have time for a long dinner, warm shower, and bedtime reading.

We have also proven that the students will be much happier if they get more sleep.

Since students have a more positive mindset if they get sleep and if they are happier they do better in school, students will be more successful in schools that ban homework.

Please vote for my team.

Check out Lela's article here!

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25. Mai 2021

Another consideration is, for working parents, evening might be the only free time they get to spend with their kids and instead of being able to have fun with them, they have to stand over them making sure they get their homework done; creating stress for both parents and kids. I remember one time after working a really long day, I came home to a message that my 5 year old son hadn't been getting all his dinosaurs colored. I stood over him until 9 at night, pushing him to color dinosaurs.

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