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DEBATE OF THE WEEK #1: Homework Ban

DEBATE OF THE WEEK #1: Homework Ban - By Felicia

Motion: Homework should be banned.

Good day honourable judges, worthy opposition and fellow teammates. My name is Felicia Aung and I am the first speaker of the opposition party of the motion that homework should be banned.

Firstly, homework helps us master and practice certain skills that are learned at school. Without homework, there is no extra practice for the skills that are learned in class, so it is much harder to achieve excellence in tests. Also, homework helps with developing good study habits, which will help in the long run.

Secondly, homework should not be banned because it helps students when they grow up. It helps students by making them more responsible and independent, since homework is done by yourself. Completing homework in a timely manner inspires confidence in students, because their success in one project motivates hard work in the next one.

Thirdly, homework should not be banned because it helps improve grades and test scores. Grades are very significant when it comes to graduating and becoming successful in life.

Those were the reasons why I believe our side has won this debate and why I think this motion should fall. Thank you.

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