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Back To School: CLN’s Opinions

Back To School: CLN’s Opinions

By CookyLela News

The majority of our CLN members have already gone to their first day of school. What was it like? What’s different about this year, last year, and the year before that? This article will tell you all about OUR back-to-school experiences!

Lela Star: My school started on Thursday, August 26. It’s a new high school for me, a new era, a new chapter in my life, a new place completely different in so many ways from my old school that I went to for the past 4 years. I couldn’t wait! The first day, we didn’t have classes, instead, we had a bunch of activities to get to know our classmates better. My favorite activity was the human pyramid (don’t ask, I was on the bottom layer of the pyramid). It was challenging, but it went surprisingly well! On the second day, I did an English exam, and our class did a scavenger hunt where WE WON! I can’t wait for Monday for the first time in forever :D

Fatoom: My first day was getting to know the teacher and sins i am in junior secondary AKA:7th grade or high school i have to move around the school to get to class we do not have 1 maian teacher like in elementary we have multiple teachers for each subject so i got lost on my first day a but i still need to meat mot teachers sins i do not have all teachers in one day sometimes you need to wait a whole week to see that teach agen. Hope you had or have a good first day of school.

Tay: My first day of school was exciting! There were 3 new kids in my class and I’m in junior high (middle school, {high school if ur in Canada and UAE}) I am in 7th grade this year, while missing most of my 6th grade year. It is so much fun to be back at school with some of my best friends and favorite teachers!

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