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Christmas Present Review: Tombow Twintone Markers

Christmas Present Review: Tombow Twintone Markers

By Lela S.

This Christmas has been one of my best ones yet: I received all the things that I could possibly want, including makeup from Clinique, a turquoise Leuchtturm 1917 (oh god my handwriting was so bad), nail polish in a variety of colours, Dream merch, bath bombs from Lush, an uncountable amount of washi tape, and so much more. But one of the items that really stood out to me was the 12-pack of Tombow Twintone Pastel Markers.

I reviewed a bunch of markers already, such as the Zebra Mildliners (I actually received another set of those this Christmas) and Sharpie S-Notes, but these markers are just astonishing. Take a look at the pen-test page in my bullet journal:

Clearly, these markers that come with a different size on each end, are of the most superior quality. In fact, they do not bleed through the other side at all, even with a rich and concentrated colouring that stays exactly where you put it. As well as that, the pigment is very smooth, and the utensil just slides along the page as you write.

They are amazing for small doodles; however, I would recommend them less for writing. There is no issue with the smoothness or vividness using the 0.3 end, but for writing, I find that the small end of the marker is inconvenient and awkward for writing. Of course, in doodles, I’m completely fine with it, it’s just the writing that presents a difficulty. This difficulty only presents itself in that specific end, though; using the thick, 0.7 end in calligraphy or just plain lettering is optimal, especially in bullet journaling.

In conclusion, the Tombow Twintone Markers are some of the best writing utensils I’ve ever tried, with almost no difficulty. If you’re interested, you can find them on Amazon or at most stationery stores including Staples.

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