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A salt grain sized camera that uses AI to work!

A salt grain sized camera that uses AI to work!


A computer scientist at the University of Princeton in New Jersey named Felix Heide has taken a different approach at packing in a large amount of technology in a space smaller than a crumb.

Cameras are normally made with two parts: A lens and a sensor.

The new camera depends on a lens made from a Metasurface. These surfaces are super thin, human-made materials patterned with tiny structures. The structures are so small they’re measured in billionths of a meter (nanometers). Similar but slightly thicker materials are called metamaterials.

They can now sell these cameras to companies like Apple, where they can use these cameras for facial recognition and sharper cameras with greater detail.

They can cover the back of a phone completely with these and have a flat back to the phone with better cameras. This would be a comparison of thousands to 2-3 cameras. Put those together and you can have very sharp images!

This article is important to the computer science industry because it is an advancement in camera science in the technology industry. This can fit in many technology pieces, such as a notch camera of a Samsung phone or a notch camera in an Iphone.


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