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A PC for just $35 | The Raspberry Pi

A PC for just $35 | The Raspberry Pi

By Tay ~ July 4, 2022

While this definitely won’t beat the PC that Lela Star built, this micro single-board computer can run browsers, stream movies and Youtube videos, play Minecraft, and even be turned into a gaming console, for only $35 USD (Don’t know about you Canadians, but I’ll try to look at Canadian retailers to see).This computer is cheap, easy to use, and comes in the size of a credit card (depends on the model). The most current model is the Raspberry Pi 4B, with a choice of 1, 2, 4, or 8 GB of RAM (Random Access Memory, it helps your computer with more challenging tasks), but there are other models currently available too.

Started as early as 2006, the Raspberry Pi was first announced in February of 2012. Since then, it has grown to be a cost-effective board that everyone can use.

I personally think that the Raspberry Pi is a cool board if you want to build your own PC for really really cheap.

Now, if you look up Raspberry Pi and go to shopping, you will see prices higher than the clouds of heaven. Because of the current chip shortage, there is a high demand for Raspberry Pi, a lower output of Raspberry Pis being produced, and inflation increased the price.

2 Raspberry Pis that are currently available are the Pi Pico and the Pi 400

Pi Pico (Source Credit: Raspberry Pi) $4

Pi 400 (Source Credit: Raspberry Pi) $70-$100

Some cool projects

The Mintypi, a retro gaming console running RetroPie that fits in a mint tin (Source Credit:

A Mini PC with an ice tower, fan, and LCD display (Source Credit:

I recently got a Raspberry Pi 4B, and for Christmas, I got a Raspberry Pi 3B+ which runs RetroPie, a gaming emulator that could run on the Raspberry Pi.

Since they are really expensive, I don’t recommend getting those models except the Pi Pico and Pi 400.

I will try to do a few update articles as I work out my Raspberry Pi.

Thanks for reading!

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