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Book Review: Dark Life - Kat Falls

Book Review: Dark Life - Kat Falls

By Lelasta <3

This book, Dark Life by Kat Falls, tells the story of Ty, a boy who has spent his whole life living undersea. But one Topsider (someone who lives on land) named Gemma changes everything. Gemma comes subsea to look for her missing older brother, Richard, who was forced to move to the dark side.

Suddenly, things start collapsing around them. Literally. Buildings power off, deflate, and freeze. Things start going missing. A criminal group of outlaws escapes from prison. Together, Ty and Gemma uncover some entangling, dangerous, and very dark secrets to Dark Life, including the fact that someone might have a Dark Gift.

I rate this book 6.9/10 stars. This book was really captivating and I was completely hooked. It’s science fiction with a hint of romance. That’s my favorite kind of book. However, this specific type of sci-fi (underwater life) isn’t really the kind of book that I normally like to read, but this one stood out to me in many ways. It teaches you compassion, courage, and bravery.

However, some parts were confusing. It was enthralling to imagine the different kinds of underwater technology, but sometimes, keeping track of everything can be a bit of a pain. As well as that, the vocabulary was too easy for my level. In conclusion, I recommend this book to ages 9+.

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