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5 Questions for… Jonah Larson!

5 Questions for… Jonah Larson!

This Crocheting Sensation uses his talent to help others.


Q- At age 5, you taught yourself to crochet with Youtube. Why do you love it?

A- The rhythmic motion relaxes me and helps me focus. And I get to create beautiful items that make people happy.

Q- You’ve won 40 awards. What do your friends say about your skill?

A- They find it really cool that I’m a speed crocheter and often ask me to make them things.

Q- How did crochet help you in school?

A- In grade school, I was bored. I would sometimes cause trouble to entertain myself. When I was allowed to bring crochet to school, I was no longer bored. After I finished my classwork, I would take out my project and focus on the item I was making instead.

Q- What are your career goals?

A- I am going to be a surgeon. I’ve gained hand dexterity from crocheting that will help me in that. I want to occasionally return to Ethiopia and help people in need. And I will always crochet.

Q- How do you use your business, Jonah’s Hands, to help kids?

A- I was adopted from a poor area in Ethiopia. I often think of how the kids in that village and how they would have been my friends. They have very little and I have so much. I auction many items and donate the money to Roots Ethiopia. So far I’ve raised enough to build a library and a science lab in the village where I was born so the kids there can have a shot at a successful future. It makes me feel good to help.

Donate to Jonah’s Hands today at and donate to the gofundme here. They are soooooo close to their $35,000 USD goal with $425 USD to go to reach their goal! Help them today and donate to help Jonah’s hometown.

This Interview was provided by Highlights Magazine

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