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Interview with my dog Cooky - By Emily

Interview with my dog Cooky - By Emily

Hi, today I am going to interview my dog Cooky. (Cooky is a chihuahua if you want to know more about this breed see Ela’s article “5 dog breeds”)

Me: Hi Cooky, today I am going to interview you.

Cooky: ???

Me: Oh yeah here take this dog translator.

Cooky: Hi Emily what is a interviewwewe

Me: Ok first off all is not a interviewwewe it's an interview.

Cooky: Ok whatever what is an interview?

Me:Ok I ask you questions and then it's your turn.

Cooky:Ok great let's start.

Me: What is your favorite toy?

Cooky: I have a lot.

Me: “whispers” Ok that won’t be easy.

Cooky: What did you say?

Me: No nothing. Let's continue, what is your FAVORITE toy not toys.

Cooky: Well… now I like my little christmas tree but generally it is my mouse.

Me: Next question: what is your favorite food?

Cooky: It is raw meat and raw chicken.

Me: interesting…

Cooky: Is it my turn now?

Me: Ok.

Cooky: Let's go play!

Me: Hey! That is not a question!

Cooky: But I want to play with my christmas tree or my chicken or my pig or my mouse or my ball or my…

Emily: Ok fine then I will play with you but you choose only one toy.

Cooky: Yay I choose my… christmas tree let's go!

Emily Ok,ok bye guys! Don’t forget to check my new articles!

Cooky: bye!

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