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Slime or Putty? Vote in the link below

Lela - Putty

I think that putty is much, much better than slime. You might not know the difference between the two, but putty is thicker and more stretchy than slime. It can stretch longer than your height! Slime is fluffier and less stretchy. Now, putty is obviously better because, first of all, putty doesn’t stick to paper, clothes, or any other surface for that matter. I love to bring putty to school because, for example, if I want to walk while playing with putty, it’s very easy because you can stick it in your pocket and leave it there. Also, the fact that most people don’t know very much about putty makes it unique, and that makes more and more people want to play with it and try it out. Slime can also be very, very dangerous, like here and here. In the first link, Layla, a 10 year old girl, got chemical burns after playing with slime made with only glue, shaving cream and contact lens solution. In the second link, an 11-year-old got blisters after making slime from a recipe found online. Sheesh! Also, most putties sold in stores don’t have any labels saying the ingredients. Go putty! Go putty!

Fatima - Slime

I think that slime is much better than putty because slime is so stretchy and slimy and fun to play with. I think that most people don't know about Putty and putty is not soft like slime and you need to put a lot of effort to squish it and do you know how invented slime? I will tell you the whole story. Slime was invented by Mattel Toys in 1976. While creating slime, the toy company wanted the oozing substance to be gross as possible. Thus, slime was first created as green goo which you could find in a mini trash can. Children all around the U.S. loved this oozing slime. Mattel saw slime as a huge hit and continued to develop the toy until 1990. The goal was to make the slime just as gross as the first time. Thus, Mattel decided to place fake worms or eyeballs inside the green slime. It was a dream for kids who enjoyed pulling pranks. The Invention of slime is so interesting and slime was made a long time ago and it got so popular only 5 years ago. That is why slime is better than putty and the invention of slime.

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Aung Min
Aung Min
09 jul 2020

Good writings from both of you. Great jobs!!!

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