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Pet Interview!

Pet Interview!

By Felicia and Skye

Felicia: Hi Skye!

Skye: Hi Felicia!

Felicia: Let’s talk about our pets. What’s your bird’s name?

Skye: Her name is Hope, but most of the time we call her Birdy or Birdie Bird. What’s your dog’s name?

Felicia: My dog’s name is Lela. I actually got the name from an anagram of the name of one of the staff members at the store that we got her from!

Skye: Aww, that’s cute! I named Hope after a poem by Emily Dickinson, Hope is the Thing With Feathers. I mean, she’s a thing with feathers, so I just thought the name is perfect! I have a question, how long have you had Lela?

Felicia: I got Lela in July 2015, so I have had her for five years. How long have you had Hope?

Skye: I got Hope on April 1, 2018. My dad said that she was a robot, but it turned out that she is not a robot, she is a real bird. April fools!

Felicia: Cool! That must have been a really fun April fools joke. What is Hope’s favorite food?

Skye: She doesn’t really have a single favorite food, but she likes a lot of strange human-foods, including: Ramen noodles, kale, lettuce, chicken broth (for some reason), scrambled eggs, raw oats, basil, peas, and pretty much anything you are eating (although she hates tartar sauce)

Felicia: Interesting… I’m pretty sure Lela would eat all of those things except the vegetables (that’s what my pet rats eat). That’s not all though: she loves to eat all types of meat, including chicken, pork, beef, and most of all… SAUSAGES!

Skye: Ooh, sausages! I like to call those snosages. I like to eat snosages with snauerkraut.

Felicia: Haha! What is your favorite thing to do together?

Skye: Do you mean with my bird?

Felicia: Yes. What do you like to do together with Hope?

Skye: Well, I like to play with her, which most of the time means either chasing her around the house trying to get her to go back in her cage, letting her burrow in her vest, and one time I tried to train her to hop down the stairs.

Felicia: Cool! I love to play with her, but in my case, it means sitting on the couch, watching TV and eating together. I also tried to train her to sit, stand, and roll over, but apparently she prefers to sleep on the couch for the whole day… Did your attempt in training Hope work?

Skye: It did, kind of. I mean, the one time where I tried to train her, she made it down all 14 of our stairs, but I haven’t really tried after that. I think that’s funny how she prefers to sleep on the couch for the whole day! I would too, but unfortunately there are other things in life like “Eating meals at the dinner table”, “doing schoolwork” and “going on walks in the pouring rain”.

Felicia: You’re absolutely right, haha! A bit more on the fun side: what is the naughtiest thing Hope has ever done?

Skye: Oh dear. She is such a naughty bird. She has done so many naughty things that you can’t really pick one that is the naughtiest. Do you want me to list some out?

Felicia: Yes, I’m really curious to know some of them!

Skye: Ok. She often poops on people’s heads, especially guests. She will fly to someone’s shoulder to nap and never get back off. She will fly to a guest that just happens to be wearing a vest, and try to tunnel inside. Then, she poops all over the place every 5 minutes. She is very loud. Whenever anybody is trying to eat, she will beg and beg to come out of her cage, and when she is finally let out, she flies to the table and not only walks on your plate, but she poops on the table cloth. When she takes a bath, her poops are always really wet afterwards. I could go on forever, but I think I’ll just stop there.

Felicia: Wow, you are so right… Lela does naughty things that are not that disgusting, but just as much naughty. She once dug her dirty paws into my pillow to get one of my beloved teddy bears while I was at school. She also sometimes sits at the chair next to me at the dining table, which is perfectly normal, only that whenever there is some meat on the table, she will growl and whine, which drives me and my family CRAZY! If we just ignore her, she will then paw whoever or whatever is near her.

Skye: I guess both of us have really naughty pets. I guess that’s what having a pet is. What is the silliest thing your pet does?

Felicia: The silliest thing Lela does is rub her face against the grass like crazy during our afternoon walks. It’s really funny!

Skye: That sounds hilarious! My bird, for some reason, likes to fly to your half-zipped vest and try to burrow inside. She’s trying to find a nest to lay eggs in. Well, that was fun finding out about each other’s pets. See you soon!

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