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My Thoughts on Stop AAPI Hate

My Thoughts on Stop AAPI Hate


Asian Hate isn’t a good thing of course. It has been going on for the past 100 years. Stop AAPI Hate stands for Stop Asian American Pacific Islander Hate. And it is right. Except for one thing. Stop AAPI Hate should mean Stop All Asian Pacific Islander Hate. This isn’t hate that only lives on through the United States. This is a creature that lives on through the world. Being born fully Asian and with all 4 grandparents being immigrants from Vietnam to escape war and from the Philippines to have a better life, it shouldn’t mean moving away from bad things to live in a new bad thing. This new bad thing grew more from the coronavirus pandemic. News on hate crimes, the coronavirus being called the “Asian Virus” by President Trump, and even conflicts with friends at school has made my life a little scary. This is not something that me and a million other kids of Asian ancestry should have to deal with. I was going to post the evolution on Asian American Hate, but decided it was too much for our viewers and the world to handle. A well known organization working towards a non-hated culture is BLM or Black Lives Matter. They have so many ads on TV when we have only a few that sometimes, I wished that Asian Hate was made more aware to the world. If you support Stop AAPI Hate, you should donate to their gofundme.

Also, remember these 3 things:

  • Hate is a very strong word. You should not hate at all. (For the exception of vegetables and homework)

  • We are who we are. We can’t change who we are. But we can improve who we are.

  • Diversity paints COLOR on our world.

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1 Comment

Jul 12, 2021

😀Here is the link to the gofundme:

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