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Jazzy’s Bookshelf: A Book Blog for Tweens and Teens

Jazzy’s Bookshelf: A Book Blog for Tweens and Teens

By Lela S.

Are you looking for more interesting books to read? Are you a tween or teen? Also, are you a CLN fan? Jazzy’s Bookshelf is the book review website for you, whether you said yes to any of these or not.

This book blog contains interviews, such as Jazzy's Skulduggery Pleasant Q&A with a 'Tween, for example. However, the main articles are book reviews. From Happy (and Other Ridiculous Aspirations) by Turia Pitt to The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, Jazzy reviews all sorts of books for readers of various ages.

She also has a collection of in-between reads, books that she flicks open and reads in a short amount of time, like when she’s getting ready for school. As well as that, she has a “Diamond Dozen”, a list of twelve of her all-time favorite reads.

One book that I plan to read is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I’m not going to be reviewing this here and now, but I really like the way that Jazzy describes the plot of the story and her opinion on it.


Hazel is sixteen years old, and lives with an oxygen tank and a BiPAP machine. In other words, she has a cancer that could end her life at any given moment. She is alone and believes she will live out her days at home.

Augustus Waters is seventeen and bears only one leg due to the effects of cancer. He is addicted to metaphor and overanalyses every situation. His greatest fear is oblivion.

The two survivors meet at a support group for cancer victims and slowly fall in love with each other. Can people with severe illnesses achieve true happiness with so many obstacles in their path?


This book intrigued me from the beginning, especially with its exclusively interesting characters and well-constructed, deep thoughts. Hazel constantly finds herself wondering about death and its repercussions, especially in relation to her illness. I have these ponderings, too; I have always wondered what happens after a person’s passing.


The Fault in Our Stars has some sad themes including a death of a loved one, and there is a sex scene (nothing graphic, however). This influenced my decision to recommend this book to readers aged 13+.

Jazzy describes the plot in an intriguing fashion, which makes me really want to read it (as soon as I finish writing this article, I’m borrowing it from the local library). As well as that, her carefully worded opinion on the book greatly influenced my decision to read The Fault In Our Stars.

Want more book reviews? Check out my article, Book Review: The Martian - Classroom Edition!

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1 Comment

Jasmine Sim
Jasmine Sim
Jul 17, 2021

Hi Lela.

Thanks so much for reviewing my website. I hope it brings you lots of bookish inspiration! Jazzy ☺️

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