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Book Review: The Martian - Classroom Edition

Rating: ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ (5/5)

The Martian - Classroom Edition by Andy Weir is a great science-fiction book about a botanist and astronaut called Mark Watney. He was one of the first people to walk on Mars, but in a vicious dust storm, his crew left him on Mars, thinking that he was dead. Mark Watney had no way to signal to Earth that he was alive, and even if he could, his supplies would be gone long before a rescue team could arrive. This amazing story doesn't feel like a story! It's so well written, you feel like you are almost on Mars with him, thinking about how he could escape, doing the calculations needed to farm enough food, pondering over the chemical equations to make more water using plutonium, and so much more. I highly recommend this to everyone interested in science, because this isn't just any ordinary science fiction and adventure novel, it's a book where you are immersed in the scene! When I read this, it was almost as if I had become Mark Watney. I felt his feelings, and since it sometimes switches between his perspective and Earth's perspective, and NASA knows things he doesn't, I found myself almost screaming "DON'T DO THAT!" many times!

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