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Don’t like masks? 5 reasons why masks are good.

Don’t like masks? 5 reasons why masks are good.


Hey guys! I know most of us hate wearing masks everywhere. When I mean everywhere, I mean at school or even if we are just walking the dog. Well today I am going to explain why wearing masks is good. But today we are not listing the Covid reasons. The fun reasons. Parents, if your kids don’t like wearing masks, show them this article.

Allergies- At hikes, runs, or even just walking outside, masks have protected me from seasonal allergies. These allergies include fresh cut grass smells, pollen, and dust. It helps me not have a stuffy nose.

Free dress- Think of masks being your own free dress at school. Pick a design or theme you like, then wear it at school. I like to wear a gray mask if I am wearing black and white with my checkered Vans because it matches my outfit.

Flu- Some people get the flu often. As in every year often. This kept us safe and some of us haven’t gotten seriously sick. It helps us not get those awful flu germs.

Makeup- Some people used to wear a lot of makeup. Well, now you don’t have to wear lip gloss or lipstick because your mask is covering it up.

Sun Protection- My mask has kept my face nice and not sunburnt, only putting the sunblock on the parts of my face like the forehead and ears. With a hat, you will be a mega sun-protected person.

What did you think of these reasons? Tell us below and like this article. Also read about our weekly Coronavirus updates, giving you the latest news and guidelines.

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