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All about me! Elena!

All about me! Elena! - By Elena

Hi my name is Elena and my last name Pantopoulos my favorite color is violet and my favorite domestic animal is Max! My dog and my favorite wild animal is a cheetah! Cause of COVID I can’t practice my favorite sport.. swimming which is really sad but I could always relax. It’s kind of a big big big break but it’s still early sad so I do competitive swimming and I am in a swim team called CSL. My favorite video game is ROBLOX and my favorite game in roblox is royal high because there all a lot of cool hairstyles and dresses!my favorite singer is Arianna Grande and my favorite song by Arianna Grande is 7 rings! I also love tick tock and my favorite tick tock is I am a savage! This is the lyrics: I am a savage yeah classy, boogie,rages yeah,sassy moody nasty yeah hacking stupid what’s happening oh what’s happening yeah. I have a lot of friends at school! I can’t wait till COVID -19 is over...

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