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Advice From the CLN Pets!!

Advice From the CLN Pets!!

By Lela, Cooky, Hope, Max, Jazzy, Titanium, and Tellurium

Do you want to ask a question? Do you need advice? Just click on the link below!

Hope, I really like bird-watching. Lately I've been trying to bird by ear more (identify birds just by listening). Some birds are really easy, like jays, but some are really hard. For example, I can never tell the difference between a house finch and a pine siskin (by song). Do you have any tips? ~Bird Lover Hi Bird Lover, I would recommend going to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website. It gives ID info for all sorts of birds, if you need help ID-ing them. For the house finch and pine siskin dilemma-- both of them are very similar, in both song, size, and behavior. House finches are a little bit bigger, though, and the males have a red head. -Hope

Lela, quick note to the real dodo speedrun: hi... you know who you are... so my question is that there is a guy in my class who always says "hi sister" to me and i have the feeling that this comes from somewhere... so WHERE DOES IT COME FROM? (i don't mind me being called sister im just curious) - dodo speedrun Hi dodo (teehee), It comes from James Charles, a famous TikToker who does makeup stuff. Hope this helps!

Cooky, What does it mean when you [all of the other pets] are really loud? Why you do that? ~ Chloe Hi Chloe, We love to sing!

- Cooky


Hi Titanium,

Why are my ears always bleeding in the CookyLela News meetings? Does anyone have the same concern?


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