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5-0: An Unofficial Minecraft Novel - Chapter 2

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

5-0: An Unofficial Minecraft Novel - Chapter 2 - By Felicia

Chapter 2: The Game

3… 2… 1…

The game started. But this game was like no other: it was a long bridge connecting two islands.

“What kind of game is this?!” I asked.

“It’s called The Bridge. Basically, you have to cross the bridge and jump in your opponent’s goal. Oh, and you also have to knock them off the bridge and kill them.

“Sounds pretty easy!”

“Don’t be so sure” warned Dylan.

I started the game by towering up, only to find Dylan’s eboy skin bow spamming at me. Pretty much, I instantly died. Two seconds later, at the instant I respawned, Dylan jumped into my goal. I tried in vain to stop him, but my attempts clearly failed. According to the stats, I didn’t even do any damage on him! He just jumped straight into the goal. 1-0.

“THAT WAS SO EASY! *maniacal laughter* See?” Dylan said, between laughs.

“Well, I, uh, let you have that one on purpose, but, uh, you-you’re a lot better than I thought you were.” I was mad. But I was so impressed. I guess that must have shown through my voice, though.

“What a simp.”

I really didn’t care, though. I just moved onto the next round. That round, I somehow managed to jump into my own goal for some reason. Listen, I don’t know how, okay? That was a long time ago. But that was the present at that time, and again, Dylan exploded into maniacal laughter. I was humiliated, but I was also laughing. I mean, it was so funny. “You just jumped in your own goal, enjoy the void death!”

Yeah, it was funny, but it put me at a big disadvantage, because Dylan was already halfway across the map. And I tried my best to knock him off. After a few tries and after eating a few golden apples, I finally knocked him off. But not before he did the same to me, and I fell too. For some reason, though, my death showed up in chat and his death didn’t. I was so confused. And Dylan was laughing his head off. Again. But when I respawned, finally I understood: Dylan was still alive, eating another golden apple. Turns out he had placed a block underneath him to stop himself from falling (this is called block clutching), while I didn’t. After he had finished eating, he managed to kill me AGAIN, and he scored before I could respawn. I would have screamed if I could, but no, I was too focused and civilized for that. 2-0.

“I will, in fact, beat you this time, Dylan.” I said, gritting my teeth.

Laughing even more, Dylan replied “In fact, I don’t think so.”

During the third round, something weird happened with Dylan’s mouse (I had a trackpad) so he couldn’t attack me easily. I know, I know, I should have killed him, but instead ran past him and tried to jump in his goal. Tried. I was just above his goal, but he landed in mine a split second earlier. 3-0.

“WHAT?! THAT WAS SO CLOSE!” I shouted.

“Callie, *laughs* repeat after me. Not. Even. Close.”

For the fourth round, Dylan promised me that he would only use his pickaxe to hit me. But he still managed to kill me more than a few times.


“Magic” he said, waving his hands and mouse up in the air.

While I was distracted from that, he jumped into my goal and I didn’t even notice until ten seconds later.

“Wait, what just happened?”

He was laughing so hard. “I scored!”

The score was now 4-0. Obviously, my feeble attempts at killing him were failing big-time. I needed to do something other than fist-fight. So I decided to eat a few more golden apples, and tower up to the build height limit. My plan was to bow-spam him from above, but he did that to me before I could do that to me. I have to admit, he was smarter than I thought. Next, I tried to use my pickaxe to dig down and make a tunnel.

“Wait, what are you doing?” Dylan asked, confused.

“Trying to outsmart you.” I stated with a smug look on my face.

“Okay Callie, I have to admit you’re pretty smart -” he started.

“What a simp.”

“- but no one is smarter than me, and that’s fax.”

And then, he cornered me and went on full tryhard mode. I died instantly, even with my two extra hearts from the golden apples. Before I could respawn, he jumped straight into my goal, and the game was over. He had won 5-0.

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