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5-0: An Unofficial Minecraft Novel - Chapter 3

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

5-0: An Unofficial Minecraft Novel - Chapter 3 - By Felicia

Note: This chapter is mostly a filler chapter because barely anything happened during November and December. You can skip over this chapter if you want.

He had won 5-0, and I was MAD. Boiling with rage. I was so furious that I left the call without saying bye. But really, though, I was impressed. Still, I was mad, and that night, I made Myself a promise that I would, one day, beat Dylan 5-0. When I arrived at school the next Monday, I walked in class to find Zak, Jake, Nick, and Dylan talking to each other and laughing. When they saw me, they split up.

"Hey Callie, I heard you got obliterated by Dylan in The Bridge yesterday." Jake said to me.

"We don't talk about it" I coldly replied. After all, I was still fuming.

"Suit yourself" he replied, trying to hide his laughter.

But no matter how much they laughed at me, I had two goals in mind: one, work as hard as humanly possible to beat Dylan 5-0, and two, re-earn the respect of the gamer guys (and maybe even make friends with them).

It was honestly pretty obvious that the first goal was more achievable than the second, but I tried hard to achieve both at the same time.

Time slowly passed. Over the course of the next few weeks through the rest of November and December 2020, I practiced PvP super hard and super often (if you count once a weekend as often). And gradually, something happened that I never would have expected: I actually improved! Soon, I earned my first kill, then my first win in Bedwars and Skywars, followed by my first win in The Bridge. I kept killing and winning more and more often. Then one day, during spring break, I discovered something (someone). I discovered someone that would change my life forever (sorry Lea).

I’ve been playing Minecraft since January 2020. However, Tiffany and Layla were disgusted by me playing video games, so I played with my older brother Randy and my younger cousin Eli. They’re both worse than I am (but not by much) at the game. One thing they were good at, though, was making me annoyed by talking about some YouTuber called Dream and some other YouTubers on his server, the Dream SMP. For a while, I was okay with it, but I couldn’t stand it anymore, and in December 2020, I just had to find out who he was (sorry Lea).

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