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5 Helpful Resources For Aspiring Authors

5 Helpful Resources For Aspiring Authors

By Lela S.

Here are five websites I regularly use in the writing of my CookyLela News articles and my novels-in-progress!

I know that I’ve mentioned this site multiple times, for instance in my Vocabulary Of The Week articles, but this site is seriously awe-inspiring. From its innumerable word lists, to its opening challenge on its front page, to its built-in dictionary and thesaurus with helpful, contextual explanations, to its competitive Vocabulary Jam system where you can compete with other sesquipedalians, and even to its motivational leaderboard system where you can compete with others, but which is ridiculously rigged (even me who uses the site very frequently, my best spot on the leaderboard is around 300th), this website is 100% worth the visit.

This is NOT sponsored, but I feel like this website deserves a shoutout. Some of its posts are really irrelevant, but if you take a look at the right ones, there are helpful tips and inspiration that can boost your writing motivation. They cover interesting topics, such as unusual ways to write, options for publishing your novel, writing a series or a stand-alone, etc. As well as that, there are multiple appealing book reviews on the site that make me want to read the books.

First coming across the Writer’s Digest newsletter on the News app after misspelling Reader’s Digest, I was hooked. Right away, I subscribed and I took a look at their website. It’s FILLED with grammar, business, and writing tips, prompts, and advice for beginning to advanced writers. Honestly, I love this site because it’s designed for all kinds of writers, is very relevant, and writes in an actually friendly and relatable tone of voice.

I have a love/hate relationship with this website, especially since I’m not allowed to use it (sorry, Mom). However, you can’t deny that Wattpad is a friendly community where you can read others’ stories to your heart’s delight, and write your own books without fear of judgement and with a feel of acceptance from the whole Wattpad community. Some of the stories are paid, and that’s fine, but the vast majority of the books available are completely free - and so is creating an account! There’s even writing contests you can participate in, if that’s your thing.

Can’t remember the name of a specific something in your book? As the site states, don’t waste time combing through old notes and index cards, you can track your characters and places with Plottr. You can track your characters, outline your plot, and effectively plan your whole book in practically no time. Currently, I am on my one-month free trial of Plottr, and I’m finding it works great!

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