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22 Things To Do In The Spring Of 2022

22 Things To Do In The Spring Of 2022

By Lela S.

  1. Plant flowers (or just identify them with Seek if you don’t have space)

  2. Take a walk in the rain with your best friends :D

  3. Go on a picnic with your family

  4. Bring your Fitness+ workout outside

  5. Bake creative desserts (such as the original Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies)

  6. Read a book you've been waiting to read (try Heartless by Marissa Meyer)

  7. Take time to meditate

  8. Create a scrapbook (tutorial in the future…?)

  9. Eat popcorn and enjoy a movie with your family (our recommendation: SHANG CHI and the Legend of the Ten Rings)

  10. Visit a museum or exhibit

  11. Start a blog just like CookyLela News (here’s a helpful tutorial)

  12. Write a love letter to a certain special someone (ooooooo)

  13. Go for a walk or hike in nature

  14. Start a 30-day challenge (for example, journal every day)

  15. Have an outdoor photoshoot (by yourself, with your loved ones, or take photos of nature)

  16. Try geocatching

  17. Learn to do the splits

  18. Watch a sunset with someone who matters

  19. Polish your nails or toes in a fun, spring color

  20. Record a podcast with your friends (this was so much fun)

  21. Host a party

Make fresh fruit smoothies (try Lea’s Super Strawberry Smoothie)

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