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Review: SHANG CHI and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Review: SHANG CHI and the Legend of the Ten Rings


Hey everyone! A new Marvel movie came out! This is a special one because it is the first Asian-based Marvel movie. I watched it with a few friends who rented out a movie theater so we could watch the movie in a safe environment. It is about a guy named Shawn who changed his name from Shang to leave China for the United States, running from his dad. A few years later, agents come to take a necklace that his mother gave him. He and his sister are then taken to his father’s lair. They learn the real reason why he needs them: he needs them to unlock a map that will help them find their mother who passed away years ago. His father thinks she is in the secret cave guarded by his mom’s hometown. But when the truth is revealed, there are monsters that are in the cave that the village is trying to keep closed. Can they stop his father when he tries to break the cave open?

I think it is a great movie because of how mysterious it is and how you obtain information, little by little along the way. I like how they also extend how diverse it is and how they bring in cultural settings that are familiar to some audiences. I think this movie is PG-13 because it had a little bit of profanity. But for me, it’s hard to rate this cause I watched this movie with family/friends whose kids are as young as 7, 6, and 3.

Thanks for reading!

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