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Building a Website on Google Sites for Beginners

Building a Website on Google Sites for Beginners


On behalf of all the people who read CLN, we all agree it is a pretty poggers website. But wouldn’t it be cool to build your own website just like ours without all the really complicated coding? That’s what google sites is for. Today, I will be showing you how to build a basic website that you can share with your friends. Let’s start!

  1. Getting started

The first step is to, well, go to google sites.

It should look like this:

Click blank to open your website editor. Once you do that, it will give you a project with no name. Call yours whatever you want. I’m gonna call mine Example Website. To change the name, go to the top left corner and click the little naming area for your project. Right below it, write your website name again in the enter site name area.

When you are done typing, you should see below the enter site name portion a little icon saying insert logo. For me, I’m going to use a random image saved on my computer. Click under Logo, upload a logo and pick something from your computer. Now, in the middle of your screen, you should see a big text box saying “your page title”. Click on it to edit. It can be the same thing as your previous names above. You can also change the background of the little design behind the words. To do that, hover on the background and in the left bottom corner, you should have a little icon pop up saying “change image” Select a photo from your computer and inset it.

It should now look like this.

Now, let’s add some cool features. If you want a link to a website, a cool photo gallery, or some funny dream smp memes, you can do that all. Towards the top right part of your tab you should have 3 options, Insert, Pages, and Themes. Go to inserts, and scroll down to layouts.

Pick from the various layouts. There is one main one, 2, a main one and 2 side ones, 3, 2 with side descriptions, and 4. If you picked the option with one, don’t worry, you can always add more layouts. I can have a big one at the top with 4 little ones at the bottom. This is a way to get creative.

You can insert things like text box, embedded things, images, and stuff from your drive.

I’m going to link a website. To do this, pick a layout and hover over one of the image spaces. Select an image from drive, computer, or search and hover over it.

Click on insert link and copy and paste a link into it. It can be a youtube video, a meme, or a really cool green bucket hat that goes with your dream green outfit.

Feel free to tinker with it! CLN grew from trial and error so just try your best!

Post it with the post button btw…


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