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Why You Should Sign Up For Waterloo University’s CEMC Math Circles

Why You Should Sign Up For Waterloo University’s CEMC Math Circles

By Lela S. <?

When you saw the title of this article, what did you think? Did you want to click on this article with your own free will? Did you misclick? Did someone force you to read it? Whatever the case, you saw this article for a reason. This article will tell you all about why YOU - yes, YOU! - should sign up for CEMC Math Circles.

First of all, it’s a COMPLETELY FREE, online math enrichment activity. Myself, I really love math, and this makes learning new concepts even more fun. There are loads of different topics: for sixth grade level, some examples are irrational numbers and divisibility, for seventh and eighth grade (my level), you’ve got probability and systems of equations, for grades nine and ten, you’ve got OEIS (?) and angles, and finally, for grades eleven to twelve, you’ve got game theory and transcendental numbers. The full list of materials is available here.

Second of all, you might wonder why it’s so worth it to join the Math Circles when all the resources are right in front of you. Don’t be fooled, though: there’s more. Joining this community comes with a hidden advantage, which is called Piazza. This yummy-sounding website is the headquarters of Math Circles: it’s a place to ask questions, share advice, and correct the teachers (I know, I know). But it’s also a place to ruminate on how to get better at the bi-monthly Kahoot meetings run by the instructors, and to discuss the numerous clicking techniques in Bedwars. Math Circles is a friendly space where everyone’s listening and everyone’s ready to help you out, no matter what.

So, all in all, you should 100% join the Winter 2022 (the next session available!) Math Circles session. You definitely won’t regret it.

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