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Why You Should Learn Calligraphy In 2022

Why You Should Learn Calligraphy In 2022

By Lela S.

I’m literally writing this at 10 PM, just under two hours before New Year, but it couldn’t hurt to add another article! This article will tell you why you should learn calligraphy in 2022. (Lack of sleep impacts the quality of my articles.)

First of all, it’s meditative and super relaxing. I can wind down before beed listening to LoFi and practicing each smooth stroke in my calligraphy practice book or in an empty notebook. Plus, you can use your favourite markers in your favourite colours.

Second of all, it’s an inexpensive hobby that’s super easy to take up. You don’t have to use super expensive markers; Crayola ones from Dollarama work just as well. As well as that, you can pretty much follow online tutorials and use plain old lined/blank paper.

Third of all, related to what I just said, not only is calligraphy inexpensive, but you can save or make money by designing your own holiday cards to send to other people, or even sell them online and make some good cash (possibly to buy more supplies???).

Fourth of all, it actually changes your brain and the way your mind works because it builds new neural pathways. I’m not kidding: it actually improves your brain and creates multiple new connections. If that doesn’t convince you, what will?

Finally, calligraphy is simply aesthetic and beautiful. It makes you unique, makes the things you calligraphate (tired) amazingly eye-pleasing, and it effectively adds beauty to everything you do!

Thanks for reading!

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