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Who should be the new famous Tiktoker of the year?

Who should be the new famous Tiktoker of the year?

By Ellie Alan

Tiktok is a very famous app for teens these days, so I decided to talk about the famous people on this app. We probably all know about the Tiktoker Charli D’amelio with exactly 134.9M followers on the current app. I honestly am not the biggest fan of Charli, but I don’t despise her. There is this other Tiktoker who almost reached the amount of followers as Charli. His username is khaby.lame and I love watching his videos because it makes me laugh every time. He currently has 130.1M followers on Tiktok. Unlike Charli, he does tik toks that sarcastically points out people that complicate simple life tasks for no reason at all. He also comes from Italy. Charlie on the other hand, posts videos of her life or her dancing to some tik tok trends. Now, to get to the point… I wanted to create a debate about who should deserve to have the most followers on tik tok. Click on the link below.

If you guys have any questions comment down below.

Created by:EllieAlan

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