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What will be the next Christmas update in adopt me?!

What will be the next Christmas update in adopt me?! - By Elena

Last year in adopt me we had a super cool update with a countdown calendar and each day you got a little gift, and at the last day you got a reindeer!!

The pets we had were Santa dog, a polar bear, arctic fox, a robin, wolf, swan, and the legendary arctic reindeer. We also had a frost dragon which sadly cost robux. But this year what will the update be?!

The pets will be….

Legendary: snowy owl and Chinese frost dragon!





We don’t know what the other pets are.

So I came up with some ideas:

Ultra-rare:lollipop bunny. Lol

Legendary: snow dragon, yeti and ice unicorn

Rare: sea lion

Uncommon: snow leopard

Common: winter rat

This article was made by: ELENA

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