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What is it like to be allergic to water?!

What is it like to be allergic to water?! - By Felicia

Aquagenic urticaria is the allergy to water. If a person with aquagenic urticaria touches water, their skin breaks out in hives. Yikes! What’s it like to have an allergy to the one thing that humans need to survive? Read on to find out!

This rare (like, there’s 50 people in the world who have it) mallergy presents itself when the person comes in contact with water at any temperature and of any kind, including tap or sea water, swimming pool water, sweat, tears, and saliva. Small, itchy hives can form on the person’s skin, and the water can also cause more symptoms such as difficulty breathing.

Now, there’s probably one question that comes to mind: can someone with aquagenic urticaria drink water? Yes, but don’t let it get on your skin. A rainy day or a pool party could be life-threatening. Even snow could cause a reaction.

Also, if tap water could cause hives, how do people with this allergy shower and bathe? Well, according to my research, they use wipes and special soaps to complete their daily hygiene routine.

Currently, there is no cure for aquagenic urticaria. However, there are treatment options available. There are two main types of treatment: antihistamines and an EpiPen. Antihistamines are medications to treat allergies. For someone with this horrifying allergy, after being in contact with water, a doctor often recommends to take a prescription antihistamine to calm hives after coming into contact with water. Also, for severe cases of aquagenic urticaria, EpiPens may be helpful.

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