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Vocabulary Of The Week #8: Lela’s Favorite Words - Pt. 3!

Vocabulary Of The Week #8: Lela’s Favorite Words - Pt. 3!

By Lela S. <?

Here’s a short list of some of my favorite words that I’d like to teach to my favorite cousins in my personal Minecraft kingdom, Lela World, for reasons that are probably evident in the thumbnail video.

1. Lebensraum

Lebensraum is the land or territory that a country's leaders believe it requires in order to grow and flourish. The word lebensraum has almost always been used to talk about Germany's strategy in World War II.

2. Blitzkrieg

A blitzkrieg is an intense and brutal military campaign. If you're studying the history of World War II, you'll eventually come across the word blitzkrieg.

3. Apostle

Although an apostle might be a pioneering supporter of any new cause, the word is most often used to refer to the twelve original disciples of Jesus who went on to spread the gospel. When used as a title, it’s capitalized.

4. Sheathe

The verb sheathe means to place in a sheath. What's a sheath? Well, that's any kind of protective covering.

5. Reprove

If you get into trouble and are sent to the principal’s office, be prepared for the principal to reprove you for your behavior. To reprove is to scold, reprimand, or — in plain English — “chew out.” (Relatable)

6. Edict

If your mom orders you to clean your room, that's an order. If the king asks you to do it, that's an edict — an official order from some higher up.

7. Inexorable

When a person is inexorable (ahem, you know who you are), they're stubborn. When a thing or process is inexorable, it can't be stopped.

8. Mercenary

You might not want to call a mercenary a "hireling" to his face, but a mercenary is, after all, a soldier who gets paid to fight where needed, sometimes taking a heroic stand and other times just wanting payment for fighting.

9. Calumny

Use the noun calumny to characterize verbal attacks that are meant to destroy reputations or friendships. You've probably seen political ads during election time that rely on calumny to move voters.

10. Bulwark

A bulwark is a wall built for protection or defense. If your cousins build a secret base for boys only (sad), they might want to build a bulwark to surround it — with a "No Girls Allowed" sign posted prominently.

Thanks for reading!

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