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Vocabulary Of The Week #6: Lela’s Favorite Words!

Vocabulary Of The Week #6: Lela’s Favorite Words!

By Lela S.

I have a WHOLE LIST of my all-time favorite words! In this article, I’m going to share them with you so you’ll be able to use them too.

1. Calamitous

Calamitous is a word for something powerful and catastrophic, such as a natural disaster. However, it can also be used more figuratively, such as a calamitous defeat.

  • COVID-19 is bringing us in for a calamitous school year.

2. Wisteria

Doesn’t this word sound so delicate? That’s what I like about it. Wisteria is a climbing shrub belonging to the genus Wisteria. It’s the kind of word you would use in a poem or a song.

  • I want to watch wisteria grow right under my bare feet, ‘cause I haven’t moved in years.

3. Unflappable

This word is more of a sillier one, but still quite unique. Unflappable is a synonym for unstoppable, hardworking, or determined.

  • Ellie Alan is an unflappable, endlessly creative, tireless writer of the best quality articles!

4. Farcical

Yes, I did make these for April Fool's Day...

The word farcical is used to describe someone who does farces, or foolish pranks. In other words: immature and absurd.

  • There is someone in my class who is too farcical for any of the teachers to handle.

5. Bravura

Bravura is almost exactly what you might think: an outstanding performance. However, it’s a fancier word that’s more “satisfying to the tongue”, if you know what I’m saying?

  • Imagene performed her piece with fearless bravura.

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