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Vocabulary Of The Week #5

Vocabulary Of The Week #5

By Lela S. <3

This week’s vocabulary list will have a bunch of success-themed words!

1. Métier

Métier is the French work for a field of work. According to, this word is often used to refer to someone’s speciality, strong point, or talent.

For example: Lela, CLN’s Chief Executive Author, said that writing was her métier, and nobody disagreed with her after she created CookyLela News.

2. Superlative

Think of someone who you would consider a legend. Their actions might be described as superlative, which is an adjective meaning "of the highest kind, quality, or order; surpassing all else or others; supreme; elite; extreme."

For example: The fans were thrilled at Tay's superlative performance in the CLN song. (yep, stay tuned!)

3. Endeavor

An endeavor can be used as a noun for “an enormous effort”, or as a verb to mean “make an effort”. This word is often used when someone wishes another “good luck in their future endeavors.”

For example: Despite the numerous setbacks, Lea persistently endeavored to finish her article.

4. Transcendent

A word similar to superlative, transcendent is an adjective meaning "going beyond ordinary limits, surpassing, exceeding."

For example: Ellie Alan and Alexa, sister and brother members of CookyLela News, write articles so well they appear to be transcendent.

5. Efflorescence

This word isn’t directly related to success. Instead, it’s a word meaning growth, bloom, inspiration, and development.

For example: The great books Fatoom read during summer break led to an efflorescence of ideas in her CookyLela News articles.

6. Tenacity

Do you know someone in your life who refuses to back down no matter what obstacle they are faced with? A word for that kind of person is “tenacious”. As a noun, that’s tenacity, which means stubborn, determined, and courageous.

For example: Emi Cooky’s tenacity led to her being one of the most valued members at CLN.

7. Prevail

Sometimes you need inspiration to keep on going, whether you’re trying to finish a big project, working towards a major personal goal, or just trying to struggle through the morning after you’ve run out of new CookyLela News articles to read. In all of those instances, the word you’re looking for is prevail.

For example: Imagene was tempted to give up working on the 40,000 view slideshow for the party, but her resiliency prevailed.

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