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Vocabulary Of The Week #1

Vocabulary Of The Week #1 - By Felicia

I got all this information from If you want to learn more, check the site out!

1. Sully

To sully is to attack someone's good name and to try to ruin his reputation. If you spread false rumors that Dream cheated in his 1.16 world record speedrun, you would sully Dream’s good reputation.

2. Scruple

Your scruples are what keep you from doing things you consider to be morally or ethically wrong. Your scruples won't allow you to cheat on a test, or steal from your brother's Halloween candy stash.

3. Unctuous

When a person is unctuous, you can't trust their kindness, because they usually want something in return.

4. Exhort

French roots for the word exhort mean "thoroughly encourage," so to exhort is to fill up with encouragement! "When he heard the crowd exhort him with stomping and cheers, he knew that he could finish the marathon."

5. Materialistic

Who doesn’t love the nice things that money can buy? But if all you care about is the stuff you have and the stuff you want to buy, you are materialistic.

6. Glen

A glen is a narrow valley deep in the mountains. Glens often form streams. The top of a mountain is the peak, and the lower parts are valleys. A glen is a valley that's narrow and secluded—it’s deep in the mountains.

7. Treatise

A treatise is a formal written paper about a specific subject. It’s like an essay but longer. A treatise is usually about a serious subject, so you might read a treatise on democracy, but you probably won't read a treatise about chewing gum.

8. Duly

When you put in a lot of overtime hours at your job, you assume you'll be duly paid. Duly means "properly" or "appropriately."

9. Bout

A bout is a period of time in which something intense happens, like fighting, binging, or being sick, and comes from the word for bending, or going round in a circle.

10. Datum

One item of information, one fact, one statistic, is on its own a datum, the singular form of the more commonly used "data." If you can't find one single datum to support your theory, it's time for another theory.

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