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The Six Information Zones of Media

The Six Information Zones of Media


There are many ways to find information on the internet now, whether it’s a news site or social media. Well today, I will tell you guys all about the 6 primary information zones.

  1. Entertainment- This is meant to entertain you. This type of info normally does not contain information, but it can if it is like a documentary like OUR PLANET.

  2. Opinion- This is just someone's personal thoughts. These normally come from social media. Don’t know what social media is? Click here.

  3. Advertisement- it is meant to try to get your attention so you can buy a product of theirs. They are also on TV, which are called commercials.

  4. Propaganda- Propaganda is meant to make you believe a certain thing or to provoke you. This is not good. At CLN, we respect other people’s opinions and you will NEVER NEVER NEVER see that type of news on our site.

  5. Raw information- Information that documents an event or trend. It is not analyzed, checked, or edited before viewed. At CLN, we analyze and read over EVERY single article before it is posted.

News- Facts. Just Facts. Just like you see at CLN. Visit a completely random news site. Click here.

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