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By - Tay

Our Planet is a Netflix series showing the four corners of the world, the seven seas, and the never-ending amount of beauty on our Earth. A nature show that interests viewers with the videos and facts about animals, they can take up to 3,500 days to make one of these movies; that is about 9 and a half years. This series is the successor to the shows Planet Earth and Blue Planet. But in the end, it’s all worth it: You get to experience the amazing views of our Earth. I enjoy watching this show, it’s very soothing seeing all the nature, animals, and even better: the WORLD. People of all ages can enjoy it, even my GRANDMA watches it. One episode I recommend isn’t from the main series. The one I enjoy the most is OUR PLANET: Behind the Scenes. It’s soo amazing to see how they make the OUR PLANET series and how the lucky people who get to film it experience the wild wild life! It shows the highs and lows of filming for this series, making me one day want to do this too!

Thanks for reading!

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