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The origin of Dream’s Speedrun Music

The origin of Dream’s Speedrun Music


There is one thing that is most memorable of Dream’s Speedrun; the music. But where does it come from?

I started by searching up “Dream’s Speedrunning Music”. It gave me a lot of results on Youtube so I went to Spotify to see if there was anything there. I typed in dream speedrunning music and this popped up so i clicked on it

I scrolled down and clicked on the first song. It was the speedrunning music! It was called “Trance Music for Racing Game.” I couldn’t believe it! I had found the origins of Dream’s speedrunning music. But I had to check. So I went to google and typed in, “when was dreams 1st speedrun?” It told me March of 2020.

I checked the album called, “the sound of rugby” and it was completed in 2018! It was real!

I had done it! I found the music!

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