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The Not so good parts of virtual/online learning

The Not so good parts of virtual/online learning

By - Tay

Distance learning has made an impact on kids around the world, including some of us here at CLN. Some things I find difficult during these times are tests, network problems, and homework. Distance learning is a lot harder than regular school.

Tests are harder than when we are actually at school. Tests are hard because they are online which creates distractions like youtube, tiktok, and other things on the internet. Kids could also just look up the answers to get a high score. Tests are also hard because the answers and the work we show are all on different pages. The test would be easier if we had them on the same page so I don’t type another answer on my test. Another reason why tests are harder is because of typos like when we had a state test and Iowa was spelled wrong. It confused me and I had to email my teacher. These are reasons why tests are hard at home.

Network Problems like the internet, broken cameras or mics, and unresponsive video calls make learning at home harder. Internet problems like siblings using the internet, the router isn't working, or just having a hard time connecting with the internet. One experience was my younger brother watching youtube when he was done with class but interfered with my classes. Some kids mics or cameras don’t work, making it harder to volunteer in class. They can’t talk with their mic or the teacher can’t see us raising our hand. Some people's video calls become unresponsive, which means they can’t press the buttons like the unmute button on the screen. Network problems are the biggest problem of virtual learning.

Homework is also hard to complete at home. Some kids become distracted with technology like playing video games instead of doing homework like this essay. They also watch youtube videos and tiktok and anything not school related. Some kids who are eager to start watching or playing video games rush through the homework getting most of them wrong. When they let us do our homework in class, some kids turn off their cameras to start playing or watching even though they still have homework. There are also typos which confuse kids. Homework during this time is difficult.

Although this time is hard, we still try our best to solve these problems. Hopefully, in the future, they have solutions to test, network, and homework problems.

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