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The adopt me event

The adopt me event

Hey guys! Today I am gonna talk about ADOPT ME! The adopt me Christmas event already came out. But if you haven’t seen it yet … that’s exactly what I am gonna talk about in this article. Last year, the lake was frozen and we could SKATE on it! Today we could do the same but… We could collect gingerbread! If you don’t know what gingerbread is the “cash” for the gingerbread update where you could buy the Christmas update pets. My goal is to make a neon snow owl. The snow owls are called snowy owls in nature. For now I have 1 plus the snow owls ( snowy owls ) are legendary and cost 10000 gingerbread. It took me around 4 days to get the gingerbread that I needed. I did not check how long the update will last but I assume it lasts for 2 weeks because the Halloween update lasted for EXACTLY 2 weeks. I hope you guys enjoyed my article, and I wish you the best of luck for getting the pets you guys want :)

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