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Tampa defeats Habs 3-1 on second game of Stanley Cup Finals

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Tampa defeats Habs 3-1 on second game of Stanley Cup Finals

By Lela S.

Same result. Totally different night.

In this game of the Stanley Cup Finals, Montreal totally outplayed Tampa. However, this still wasn’t enough to beat Tampa. However, it was enough to restrain the goal margin to 3-1 instead of 5-1.

The first goal was shot right past Carey Price, the Habs’ goalie, who wasn’t paying attention, and who seemed to be a bit distant from the game. 1-0 for Tampa Bay.

For the second goal, the puck managed to slip past Andrei Vasilevskiy’s body, which marked a 1-1. Things seemed promising at this point.

You see, during this second game, the Montreal Canadiens really tried a lot harder than they did in the first game. For example, in the second period, just before the 1-1, the number of shots taken by Montreal was 22. Tampa’s shots were a measly 8.

However, even though Tampa didn’t get a high number of shots, they were more accurate and their goalkeeper was very active (quote: illusiqn). On the other hand, Montreal’s goalkeeper, Carey Price, seemed to be almost absent.

You can especially see this in the third goal of the game. Clearly, this goal could have easily been prevented. However, it seems like Price slipped and wasn’t able to stop the puck from entering the net. 2-1. And this was 0.3 seconds from the end of the second period.

The fourth goal, however, was the worst of them all. Price was able to stop the goal the first attempt, and he went to the right side of the net. Then he stopped, but Tampa didn’t. They shot the puck from the left side, and the goalkeeper didn’t even see it. He tried to stop it, but it was too late. Tampa had scored 3-1. And there were only four minutes left in the third period.

After that goal, the Canadiens chose to play with an empty net, but they still didn’t manage to score against the Lightning. The result of the match was already decided. Tampa had won the second game.

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Want to watch the next game? Tomorrow, July 1, 2021, at 8:00 to 10:30 PM EST, you’ll get to watch it.

Missed it? Stay tuned for an update tomorrow on Game 3’s results!

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